SR Software Engineer

About me

Hello I'm Ezequiel Mella.

A Senior Software Engineer since 2015. I've a technical degree in programming and more than 40 courses approved in Platzi.

My stack of development goes from Laravel/Node in backend and React in frontend. Other technologies that I use are Docker, Redux and Git.

I've experience with various libraries of components like Material, Primefaces and Ant. And I worked on many projects, some alone and others with groups of up to 30 developers.

I'm in constant evolving as a programmer, learning new concepts and technologies. My goal for this 2022 is to become a Senior React Developer.

You can check my GitHub profile and my Twitter account where you can see the last courses and certificates that I aquire.


For classic PHP systems with high performance and security.

CRM-like systems, including public views as role-separated dashboards, reactive CRUD with Vue using Laravel Jetstream, exportable reports, email and/or push notifications. Management of permissions, groups, categories, articles or products.

REST API with JWT,, to offer connectivity to multiple Frontend platforms such as React, as well as Android or iOS. Security with JSON-Web-Token allows access control to all Endpoints by encrypting user credentials and the same token expiration time. To know the API I usually use the plugin.

eCommerce, due to the high use of online commercial platforms, a secure and stable communication platform such as Laravel is needed. In addition to the classic shopping cart features, checkout with status and email notifications, you can also use external APIs to process payments with MercadoPago.


For modern, robust and mass access systems.

Microservices allow Node to divide labor into different services such as authentication, CRUDs, and bulk data requests. This also helps to utilize the capabilities of multiple processors in the server.

PM2 is a service that is installed and configured on the server and is responsible for monitoring and managing the different Node threads, and even restarting them in case of jams.

APIs, eCommerce and CRMs can be developed with Node to ensure availability to the system is always present.


For Reactive and SPA-type systems.

Reactive forms allow you to validate and offer the end user a constant communication experience with the system, this allows you to improve the user experience and help you work faster, more efficiently and safely.

SPA are single page applications, where the browser does not require updating the tab thread to refresh the content (Like GMAIL). You can also use this type of development for certain parts of the system, such as CRUDs or Galleries with Filters. This development can be achieved with React + Redux.